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I am of the firm opinion, that couples do not have much time, they want to see how good your photos are, and how much you charge, as quickly as possible… so here are the photos… contact me for the prices 🙂 It is not as much as you think.

As well as offering the best wedding films around, we now can offer wedding photography and film packages, so that you only have to book once, and we can guarantee quality results and that we work well together.. all too often seperate unknown wedding photographers and videographers will have different styles or ways of working and compromise each others work, or end up making you do things twice which wastes time on your special wedding day.

The whole wedding industry has no entry requirements. Anyone with a £1000 camera and a wix website can set themselves up as a professional wedding photographer. I see a MASSIVE variety of work, from completely amateur to the best professionals… reportage style, posed style, light and airy, dark and contrasty. If a mediocre photographer goes to enough weddings by offering low prices, in the end they will fluke a few nice shots, be able to put these on their instagram or website, and appear to get shots like this all the time. I think the true professional wedding photographer will be able to get you good shots, rain hail or shine. But you as a couple will not get to see everyones worst weddings.

This is where it is good to see lots of weddings the photographer has shot, and also trust in SOME awards. WPPI in Amercia (now the ICON awards), and TWIA (the wedding industry awards) are the ONLY wedding awards I would trust at all. I have entered most of them, and almost all of the others are sponsored by some of the suppliers that win, run by magazines, that secretly award suppliers that spend the most advertising with them etc etc… they are not unbiased.

It is also a subjective area, which allows some photographers to become over confident and get an ego, which again WILL have an effect on your day. It is your wedding day, not their photoshoot. Therefore this is why I say it is VITAL that you have a zoom call and chat to your wedding photographer and videographer before you book, as these people will be around you all day, and if you do not get on well, they can have a detrimental effect to your day.

If you want to discuss wedding photography or planning tips and ideas feel free to get in contact with me.

If I am fully booked I recommend the following photograhpers who I have worked with and are really good. There are lots of people I get along with, but these guys will also deliver you outstanding results.

Nigel John. An all round good guy, great photographer, and good to have at your wedding.

Lynsey Goddard. Again, a great woman to have at your wedding. Experienced and easy going.. as most of the top people are… I find that the better photographers are, the more relaxed and easy to be around their are.

Dan from D&A. I like Dan, sound bloke and good to have at your wedding. Easy to get along with again… seems to be a theme here….

Chris Woodman Photography – again a total professional. This guy will go the extra mile, is really good, and is a great guy to have around at your wedding… trust me I have worked with probably over 200 different wedding photographers.

Scott Miller Photography – Again, top experienced guy to have at your wedding. Easy to get along with and will deliver you great photos.