Grecian Park Hotel Wedding Cyprus

So tell me about yourselves a bit

…we like eating good food, visiting nice places, spending time with family and our god daughters. Family and health are the most important things to both of us.

Why did you choose to book me for a wedding video?
To capture the memories on film. I like the composition of your shots and your editing style.

Tell us about your proposal?
It was a big secret only my sister and one friend knew. We went to Switzerland where my sister lives and I proposed at the top of a small mountain on her birthday. I didn’t really do that gushy stuff tbh. It’s just not me. I just told her I had one more present for her and pulled out the ring. It was half on when she stopped and asked if she was putting it on the right finger.

Why Grecian Park Hotel in Cyprus?
We are Londoners from Cyprus. It was either London or Cyprus and we chose it for the weather really. Plus the hotel is where we spent our first proper holiday. We want our guests to have wicked time, enjoy the food, music, location and company. We want everyone to get involved and just create nice memories!