Essex Wedding Videographer of the year finalist

Essex Wedding Awards:

Philip London has been selected to be a finalist for Essex Wedding Videographer of the year at the Essex Wedding Awards. If you are looking for wedding videography or cinematic wedding videos in Essex we are based in Braintree in Essex. I will soon be producing a guide to my thoughts on cinematography in wedding videos.

Essex Wedding Photography:

I am also able to offer wedding photography taken from the still frames of the video. As most of the footage is now shot in 4K resolution we are able to take still frames from the video with high enough resolution to use as photographs. This in theory means that you could save the cost of a photographer if you are keen to have a cinematic wedding video.

Some of my methods:

People don’t like being filmed… so for me stripping back on equipment so you almost look like the photographers assistant is key… no big mics or film lights…. it is best that people do not even know they are being filmed and therefore are just captured acting naturally… this is a wedding, not a film with trained actors.

I think that the most cinematic tool at our disposal is light…. and we cannot control this much through out a wedding day, so the groom and bridal preps is the one time in the day when I ask for 5-10 mins of controlling the light to make people look at their best. People want a cinematic look to their wedding video, and for me that is giving the most beautiful look you can to people.

The audio is an often over looked part of filming that sets the boys from the men…. it is said that audio is 80% of the film…. that we can suffer poor visuals if the audio is good… but cannot suffer any film with terrible audio…. I try to use the highest quality mics to capture your ceremony, readings and speeches as clearly and accurately as possible…. also then the audio is post processed in Adobe Audition to firstly de-noise it… (any hiss from pre amps or room noise), de-click it (any¬† pops or unwanted sounds), and then tweak it and enhance it with some normalisation and EQ adjustment.. to give you a professional sound.