Essex Wedding in Nazeing

This was a really unique wedding in that it was in the summer in a marquee in the gardens of a friends large house and land. It made for a lovely day, and personally I think its a really nice idea over the package same for everyone wedding that most venues offer..

So tell me about yourself?

When we’re not working we enjoy spending time with friends and family

Why did you book a wedding video?
To look back and watch our day. I love the drama, romance and special memories that can be captured. Your videos have got lovely cinematography. The shots are framed beautifully and look very professional.

So tell us about the proposal?

When we are not working we enjoy spending time with friends and family
I (Louise) was away at a cheer leading National competition for the weekend. I’d pestered mike to come down and support me but he said he’d made other plans so couldn’t make it. On the second morning of the event, I was getting ready and had a knock at the door. It was Mike – he had driven down to surprise me having left the house at 5am to get there in time.

He took me out to the balcony and started chatting about our life together. I was half asleep at this point but very quickly woke up when he dropped to one knee and held out a ring saying ‘will you be my wife?’ I thought he was winding my up until I saw a very sparkly ring and so realised that this wasn’t like the other 5 times he had wound me up by pretended he was proposing.

Tell us about the special location of your wedding.

This venue is at our friends home. It was a large space which has given us the freedom to invite all of our friends and family without restrictions and has given us the flexibility to do it the way we want it compared with hiring a private venue. A relaxed and fun vibe. We have chosen to have the ceremony and reception all in one place to make it an easy flow from start to finish.

We want everyone to let their hair down, enjoy some good food and drink and then party hard into the night. 🙂